Karina Vaguez and Carlos Valdes

Who are we?

“Our partnership began over 17 years ago…
​we just did not know it yet”

​Carlos and Karina met 17 years ago, worked together for over 6 years, after which they developed their individual careers: Carlos as an International Destination Manager producing events in wonderful venues internationally such as Mexico City, Frankfurt, Senegal, Prague and Panama; including logistics, transportation, event planning and production. Karina as a business incubator and financial consultant in different industries such as fine art,  beauty and meeting planning industry.

Now, they meet again to create a powerhouse of experience, knowledge and a strong network that provides a unique platform of efficient and cost-effective personalized solutions to corporate meeting planners anywhere in the world.

Get to know us better


Carlos Valdes, DMCP

VP of Operations
Cell (786) 731 6469

Carlos has been serving the destination management and event planning needs of corporations and associations since 1984. In 2008, Carlos was awarded the Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) designation, developed by the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI), for demonstrating a knowledge level and commitment to excellence in the Destination Management field. In 2013 Carlos reached an advanced level of knowledge and performance necessary for re certification. Carlos continues to develop his expertise in overall management and client relations with a focus on complete customer satisfaction and program success.


Karina Vaguez

Cell (786) 325 8047

Karina started in the meetings industry while finishing her MBA at University of Miami. She interned as a business incubator in one of the largest production companies in the United States, handling Fortune 500 clientele. After she finished her internship, she was asked to stay and create national DMC networks and site selection global organizations that were extremely successful, working in hand with the formation of “Visit Florida”. Later on, Karina moved to different industries such as beauty, art and engineering. In 2016, Karina was awarded the DMCP designation, developed by ADMEI as well. Nowadays, Karina and Carlos are living the dream, creating amazing events worldwide for their exclusive cliente in the legal, pharmaceutical and financial sector.


Janice Bustillo

Event Specialist, Sales
Cell (786) 760 1232

Janice’s experience started in the hospitality industry back in 2010 in her home country, Honduras, where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration focusing on Hospitality and Tourism. Thereafter, she traveled to Spain where she received her MBA in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
After moving to Miami in 2012, Janice launched her career in sales and event design, as well as developed her skills as a well-established brand ambassador. Using her charisma and networking skills, she thrives at establishing meaningful relationships with anyone she encounters. Janice’s love for style and design inspires her to create out-of-the box events for both her social and corporate clientele.


Patricia Breuer

Sports Business Developer
Cell (786) 609 2645

Patricia graduated from Boston College where she obtained both, her bachelors degree in communications and an MBA.
It was her love for sports that got her into the events industry; she went from reporting/broadcasting sports in radio and social media back in her country, Colombia to making sports events happen in Miami, FL. Patricia’s enthusiastic passion for sports and extreme attention to detail makes her a great addition for our team.
As our sports business developer, Patricia’s passion, knowledge and experience presents the ideal skillset for the sports event industry. Patricia is really on the game to make great events happen.


Gabriela Marie Pichardo

Director of Events Logistics, Operations
Cell 305 202 3583

Gabi grew up in the Hotel industry and following her dad’s footsteps as one of the pioneers within the All Inclusive resorts in the world, in 2007 she began her studies in Business Administration of Hospitality and Tourism at Universidad Iberoamericana in Santo Domingo where she graduated in 2011. After graduating she achieved the Diploma in Protocol and Organization of Corporate Events. This same year Gabriela moved to Miami to work in the hospitality industry at Palace Resorts starting as a Marketing Coordinator and with the result of her hard work promoted twice with her latest being Senior Marketing Manager continuing to grow as a professional mainly taking on responsibilities of handling the Marketing top selling accounts for the company, producing photo and video shoots of the brand as well as overseeing the correct implementation of the brand guidelines across all channels. Gabi will be working in the Operations department of Caribe ensuring the success of our events.