Covid Management Services

Caribe International provides COVID-19 management for your event.

  • Rapid testing with 99% accuracy (see link)
  • Personal pre and on-site COVID-19 management, including but not limited to:
    • Reaching out to every guest prior to the event to inquire about their general health condition and COVID-19 related questionnaire
    • Request testing and proof of results 48 hours before the event
    • Gather testing results and build a secure database with test results and general COVID questionnaire
    • Welcoming the group in a private and welcoming section of the venue/hotel for pre-screening in small groups and time frames
    • Monitoring results and the well being of the guests during the event
    • Apply all local and governmental COVID-19 protocols depending on where the event takes place
    • All Caribe personnel as well as employees from vendors working the event will be working the event with a mask and/or face shield
    • Several sanitizing stations based on the size of the group
    • All personnel will be trained in the operating protocols and modifications to existing Orders pertaining to COVID-19 issues including the general local guidelines.
    • Using thermal cameras at entry points to detect if an employee or guest has a temperature of more than 97.3 F